All transactions, businesses, and services rendered by VamosLa and its representatives to clients and members of the public are subject to the terms and conditions as set down in the policy statement below.

These terms and conditions as may be reviewed at any time apply to ALL services rendered by and on behalf of VamosLa, including but not limited to services rendered in person, via telephone, on the internet, our website and social media platforms, email and every other platform.

The following terms, conditions and policy statement must be read and understood prior to carrying out any transactions with VamosLa. Proceeding to confirm any transaction and engaging our services will mean that you have read, understood and consented to our terms and conditions for yourself, your principal and the person in whose name a reservation and transaction is made, collectively referred to as “the clients.”

VamosLa will not be held liable for any operational issues giving rise to flight, goods/service cancellations, disruptions, and changes in schedule. In the event that operational challenges give rise to any of the above, the terms and conditions of the airline, goods/service provider will apply to your booking as well as that of ALL our clients.

Services rendered by VamosLa are conducted either itself or while acting on behalf of a Principal of Principals associated with the travel industry, including but not limited to; airlines, hotels, cruise/tour organizers, resort locations, and other service providers or suppliers (collectively referred to as ‘the Principal’).

VamosLa acts in a representative capacity only towards the Principal and as a consequence WILL NOT BE legally, financially, or otherwise liable for damage, injury, bodily harm, illness, loss or theft of property, death incurred by any Client in relation to services rendered by third party merchandizers where VamosLa acting as an Agent may have engaged the services of such third party service providers as required and requested by the travel requirements of our Client. And right and claim of compensation the Client may have will lie solely against the Principal/ third party organization

A transaction is only completed upon FULL payment of the total amount payable by the Client. Until VamosLa has confirmed the payment as received and paid in full, the itinerary, seats and fares as they were quoted in the Booking Confirmation form are NOT GUARANTEED and are subject to change. Tickets, services/goods purchased may only be partially or non-refundable in line with each airline’s, company,goods/service provider’s policies and subject to a deduction of our service charge as applicable. Conducting a transaction with VamosLa will imply that you have familiarized yourself with this policy document and agree that ALL our transactions carry a service charge which must be deducted where a claim for refund has been accepted by the airline, company,goods/service provider. In the event of a change in the Client’s travel plan, airline operational challenges, Government travel ban, restriction and policies, acts of God and nature, amongst all other unforeseen circumstances, VamosLa WILL NOT be liable to make any refund on behalf of any airline where the Client desires such. In the event that an airline, company, goods/service provider approves a refund in the above circumstances, the final refund to be made to the Client will be processed LESS our service charge

Clients are advised to conclude transactions as and when a quote for the transaction is received as VamosLa will not be liable for and fluctuations, increase in price of loss of seat, goods/service occasioned by the failure of the Client to make full and final payment for a particular transaction. Please be advised that service fees charged by VamosLa are non-refundable in the case of a cancellation by the Client or the airline, goods/service provider

By offering travel for sale to particular local and international destinations, VamosLa does not guaranty that travel to such locations is with or without risk, and is NOT LIABLE for damages or losses that may result from travel to such destinations

Clients are mandated to verify that there are no travel and quarantine restrictions and advisories in place that may have an impact on the Clients trip. VamosLa cannot be held responsible for any transactions made by any passenger that contravenes any travel restriction and ban or safety advisory that may be in place at the time of carrying out the transaction. In the event that any Client is dissatisfied with any service rendered by VamosLa, the following redress steps shall apply: An official complaint written to VamosLa not later than 72 hours after the transaction that led to the complaint occurred stating in details the issue complained of and seeking redress. Where the Client is not satisfied with the redress given by VamosLa, the issue complained of will be presented before an accredited Mediator and/or Arbitrator within Nigeria, to govern the settlement of the dispute. NO ISSUE MAY LIE AGAINST VAMOSLA BEFORE ANY COURT OF LAW WHERE SUCH ISSUE HAS NOT BEEN FIRST, ADJUDICATED ON BY THE CLIENT AND VAMOSLA, AND SECOND, BY AN ACCREDITED MEDIATOR/ARBITRATOR. INSURANCE VamosLa will not be responsible for insuring the property or person of any of our Clients as such, Clients are highly advised to purchase their own insurance prior to embarking on any trip.

Any cancellation and amendment made by our client after the conclusion of a transaction, will attract debit fees in line with the policy of the third party Principal involved in the transaction, and also in line with our service charge policy. For all amendments and date changes, if the new date or route requested is more expensive than the original ticket, the difference in the ticket price will also be charged to our client. If the new ticket price is less than the original price, a refund on the price difference will not be granted but the amendment fee and service charge will always be charged.

In the event that your Covid 19 or any infectious disease test turns out positive, you may not be allowed to travel as stipulated by Covid 19 and other health protocols for airlines. In such a case, you will bear the cost of date change for your flight ticket and hotel extension or hotel stay or medical care as it may apply depending on the country you are in. The Company will not be liable for any of these costs as we do not include them in any of our packages. We may assist you to claim the cost of your medical care while abroad if your Travel health insurance was acquired through us but we cannot guarantee the claim as the insurance company will have their criteria which you must satisfy to get your claim. We advise you constantly check the travel requirements, updates, restrictions, etc of your travel destination to confirm departure, entry, transit or other related requirements as they are constantly changing and we will not be held liable in the event of any changes.